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 Can Flipping Arnon

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Karloth Valois

Karloth Valois

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PostSubject: Can Flipping Arnon   Can Flipping Arnon EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 11:01 am

Running through the belts i see a can miner. Natrually i flip it, but the guy warps off so I open comvo:

Quote :
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:13 ] Leona Aldent > You theiving scum
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:22 ] Karloth Valois > you want your ore back?
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:32 ] Leona Aldent > Bro
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:36 ] Leona Aldent > i've heard of that scam
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:37 ] Leona Aldent > fuck you
[ 2011.12.11 02:23:56 ] Karloth Valois > dude, little agressive
[ 2011.12.11 02:24:15 ] Leona Aldent > dude, you just stole my ore, then tried to trick me into stealing it back so you could shoot me
[ 2011.12.11 02:24:20 ] Leona Aldent > yeah i'm aggresive
[ 2011.12.11 02:25:00 ] Karloth Valois > actually i was gonna offer to let u buy it back off me, since i cant be bothered taking 100 trips in a frig to get it back to station
He leaves convo...

Few belts later i find him can mining again (can names "thiefing scum"), so i flip he warps off i open convo:

Quote :
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:25 ] Leona Aldent > What do you want, scum?
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:35 ] Karloth Valois > i picked up your mining drones aswell for you
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:42 ] Leona Aldent > bro
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:44 ] Leona Aldent > seriously
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:48 ] Leona Aldent > i've heard of this con before
[ 2011.12.11 02:28:51 ] Leona Aldent > try it elsewhere.

A few belts later and this time i see him sitting by a can in a vexor with two friends, a vexor and commarnt. Can is re-named "thiefing scum will be shoot" so i steal it again and they start engaging me.

http://1pmc.griefwatch.net/index.php?p=details&kill=2816 Not my proudist kill (piss poor fit) but his two mates warped off and left him before he was in structure. After that they wouldnt accept my convo invites Sad
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Can Flipping Arnon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Can Flipping Arnon   Can Flipping Arnon EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 3:28 am

just testing if i can post on here when not signed in

Can Flipping Arnon 800px-Crying_is_okay_here
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Can Flipping Arnon
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