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 Customer feedback form

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Your Mum

Your Mum

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PostSubject: Customer feedback form   Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:44 am


My name is [insert victim name], and I was:

[] Pod Killed
[] Ship Killed
[] Ransomed

by [insert name here] on [insert date] in the system [Insert system name].

I am writing to inform you, that yourself, and the rest of your corp are

[] Bastards
[] Wankers
[] Evil Fuckers
[] Tossers
[] Arseholes
[] Griefers
[] Pirate Scum
[] Homosexuals
[] Twats
[] Motherfuckers
[] Lamers
[] Losers
[] Bitches

and you

[] Ruin the game for
[] Enrage
[] Bankrupt
[] Give too much grief to
[] Destroy the point in playing for

[] Other (Please State) _____________________________

people like me. There for, you pack of [insert abusive plural name], I have took it upon myself to enlist the help of my

[] Whole Corporation
[] Whole Alliance
[] Favourite Merc Corp
[] Mate who's been playing for 2 years and is uber
[] Main, who's a member of

[] -FA-
[] -A-
[] CVA
[] GoonSwarm
[] P.L.
[] Red Alliance
[] R.O.L.
[] some other alliance no one gives a toss about


[] Hunt you down like dog
[] make you pay
[] Feel how I feel
[] Ruin your killboard efficancy
[] See how you like getting picked on by bigger boys

as revenge for you destroying my

[] Ship.
[] Wallet balance.
[] Pod.
[] Implants.
[] Ego.

I sincerely hope you all

[] Rot in hell,
[] Get podded back to the stone age,
[] Escrow me my stuff back,
[] Go fuck yourselves,
[] Get off on killing people,

Because the loss of my stuff in our encounter was very traumatizing.

As a closing message to my statement I would like to say

[] Fuck off and die.
[] You're all a pack of bitches.
[] Oh boy, was i suckered!.
[] I hope you all get dick rot.
[] You suck.
[] Revenge will be mine.
[] My corp is coming for you.
[] My alliance is coming for you.
[] Expect a war declaration soon™.


[] Sincerely,
[] Respectfully,
[] Hatefully,
[] Truly,
[] Rather Confusedly,
[] Revengefully,
[] With hugs and kisses,

[insert victim name]

“The thing about quotes from the internet is that it's hard to verify their
authenticity.” – Abraham Lincoln
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Customer feedback form
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