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PostSubject: app - ACCEPTED    app - ACCEPTED  EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 11:42 am

1: What is your time zone, primary language and approximately how many hours of Eve do you play per week? Tell us a little about your real life, your age, occupation etc.
US CA TZ, English, probably 20-30. Student training for Computer networking degree 21.

2: List all your Eve characters, note your main.
LordPremier Rudedude main
Science Ho - Market alt

3: What ships can you pilot and what ships do you like? What is your play style? Do you have any FC experience? If so, on what scale. What other gang roles are you familiar with.
solo missile boats and amarr t2 cruisers, not much FC experience but i have lots of WH experience in pvp.

4: Do you have an independent way to make income? Do you pay for Eve with plex or RL money?
RL money from job, but when i get enough isk i plex.

5: What is you favorite Britney Spears song and why?
Oops i did it again. My pvp playstyle right there

6: How long have you been playing Eve? Tell us a little about your Eve history, greatest achievements, your favourite fights/kills, previous corporations/alliances, and any past friendly or unfriendly relationships you’ve had.
~4 years now on and off. Best achievement was getting a freighter pilot to abandon his freighter and my group stole it and the tower they were taking down in the same system, it was a shadow serp tower.

7: List any relevant killboard links to all your PvP characters, and explanations of any significant losses.
Lost a nightmare a while back but I was goofing off with some friends in a wh not paying attention to the dscan.

8:Why do you want to join us? Where did you hear about us? List any references.
Just recriut chat, just looking to get back into wh's after my break from them.

Ship Setups

9: Give a setup for a ship or ships you would likely solo PvP in, even if you never solo PvP
Cloaky Pilgrim
or Shield tank curse

10: Give a set up for a shield tanked T3
Large RR Buffer tengu setup

11: Give a set up for a RR shield BS/T3
I guess a RR raven for a caldari shield BS but the rr tengu is still better...
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Karloth Valois

Karloth Valois

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PostSubject: Re: app - ACCEPTED    app - ACCEPTED  EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 12:03 pm

you missed a few bits mate.

4) Do you have an independant sorce of income, how do you make money in the game or will you be purely using wormhole.

6)previous corps and alliances

7) killboard link

9) 10) and 11) can you actually post the fits please

cheers afro

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Your Mum

Your Mum

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PostSubject: Re: app - ACCEPTED    app - ACCEPTED  EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 12:14 pm

For some reason links arnt working for guests currently, its an issue that is being looked into

he did tell me that this is the kill he was talking about for Q7 http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=14039433

Q4 has a responce Razz

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PostSubject: Re: app - ACCEPTED    app - ACCEPTED  Empty

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