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 Application - Cyersan

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PostSubject: Application - Cyersan   Application - Cyersan EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 12:54 pm

1: What is your time zone, primary language and approximately how many hours of Eve do you play per week? Tell us a little about your real life, your age, occupation etc.

eastern US i only know english i play eve like 20 - 30 hours a week. Im 23 years old and am a full time electrician. When im not working or playing eve im busy being a brony ... yeah that right you heard me.

2: List all your Eve characters, note your main.

Cyersan my main 24.5 million SP minmatar pilot
Sarahien my alt like 20 million SP bitch

3: What ships can you pilot and what ships do you like? What is your play style? Do you have any FC experience? If so, on what scale. What other gang roles are you familiar with.

I like angel ships alot cause there like cheating at the game and i prefer the play style of speed and gank over the caldari range and tank ideals.

4: Do you have an independent way to make income? Do you pay for Eve with plex or RL money?

RL money and im not independantly wealthy and every time if tried to become so if failed horribly.

5: What is you favorite Britney Spears song and why?

I dont know any

6: How long have you been playing Eve? Tell us a little about your Eve history, greatest achievements, your favourite fights/kills, previous corporations/alliances, and any past friendly or unfriendly relationships you’ve had.

a year year and half something like that. My play has been on and off unfortunately i have this history of meeting people making friends getting something good going then for some reason ill get bored and MIA for months. Its one of the reason my corperation history is huge that and i get bored alot. Im not gonna butter myself up to you guys im gonna give you the cold hard facts and you can take it how you want. My interest in this game fluxuates alot and so does my play time im really into it right now and love to get back into wormholes but in 2 months how will i feel im not sure i might have this brilliant idea that i wanna go back to null sec which is why i left my last wormhole corp which i think was a mistake but hopefully i can learn from mistakes.

7:Why do you want to join us? Where did you hear about us? List any references.

I have no references i chatted with one of your recruitment spammers about a week ago and id love to go back to unknown space again i kinda just like the feeling of being isolated theres a safety and uncertainty to it that i kinda like.

Ship Setups

8: Give a setup for a ship or ships you would likely solo PvP in, even if you never solo PvP

my solo PVP is horrible lately likely cuz im really rusty but most my success has been in
Nano ships
Vagas canes cynabals dramiels i often use high rated Battleclinic fits sometimes slightly modified to fit me

Nano can
6 425s
2 medium neuts
2 LSEs
2 gyros
2 TEs
damage control
triple extender rigs

9: Give a set up for a shield tanked T3
Loki cat
5 425s
medium neut
2 invos
pith x type LSB
shield boost amp
republic fleet AB
cap recharger
2 gyros
1 TE
power diag
acillary current router

cap recharger
adaptive shielding
Scan res one
AB speed one
and errr oh projectile scoping array
hehe the names might be off but you get the idea its cap stable with a beast of a tank not much int he way of DPS though and would prolly have to be modified for wormholes but thats what i been using for most things PVE right now.

10: Give a set up for a RR shield BS/T3

always been a fan of the tempest fort his

6 artys or autos depending on engagement range
1 invo
1 em
1 thermic
1 kinetic
Power relays i think 2 for cap stability 1 if i can get away with it
2 TEs
2 Gyros
3 CCC rigs

5 425s
2 invos
2 LSEs
1 AB
1 Tracking computer
power relay
2 TEs
1 gyro
acillary current router
2 CCCs

cap stable or close to it 60km engagment range with barrage what i flew with the RR tengu gang back in c5s
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Application - Cyersan
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